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Shutter Styles

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The Lake District Shutter Co.

What you can expect from us?


When you choose to buy from our stunning range of shutters you can always expect a completely transparent service that is a second to none. After all, it’s the little things that count.


We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best possible experience and we will be your guide throughout the process from start to finish.


So if you have any questions, or just want to hear a friendly voice, get in touch.




The Full Height Shutter


Elegant simplicity with full- length panels covering the whole of the window, leaving a clean cut finish and complete control of light, shade and privacy.




The Café-Style Shutter


Sophisticated panels covering only the lower part of the window. Reflecting shutter heritage from the regency period. They add a classic touch to the room whilst providing a lot of light and maximum privacy when you need it.




The Tier-on-Tier Shutter


Offers stylish and functional versatility with the panels that open separately. A great solution that offers privacy without compromising on a lot of natural light.




The Bay Window Shutter


A bay window is something to be accentuated rather than covered up with drapes. These window shutters enhance the features of any bay, creating a bright and open space.




The Shaped Shutter


Specially designed shutters that will enhance the distinct architecture of uniquely shaped windows. From curved arches to geometric loft conversions, the best solution is a bespoke shaped shutter.




The Tracked Shutter


Ideal for larger windows or patio doors with panels hung from special tracks for movement; also a great solution for room dividers and wardrobes.




The Conservatory Shutters


With flexible design styles to fit any conservatory, these shutters are a great way to control both natural light and temperature, leaving a striking result that adds elegance to the room.




The Solid Panel Shutter


As the name suggests these shutters consist of completely solid panels in two styles that reflect the regency period, offering complete privacy.


The Black Out Blind


The tension operated Blackout Blind allows a wider range of light control, integrated directly with our incredible selection of stunning shutters. Ideal in bedrooms, for uncompromising style and the entire removal of light.


Fully Automated Shutters


Fully automated shutters are the premium solution to practical window covering, allowing full control over the tilting and the louvres from the push of a button. Great for controlling your shutters in hard to reach areas or for those with restricted movement.


Custom Colours


We know that colour is an important factor when deciding on your shutters, with this in mind; we can provide our shutters in any shade you require.


Along with our standard palette of over of over 40 colours and distinguishing tones, you can also opt for completely bespoke product with our colour matching service.


What is it made from?


When it comes to window shutters, quality materials matter which is why we only conform to the highest standards and never mix materials.


Our materials have been carefully selected for their outstanding characteristics and are sourced ethically with sustainability in mind.

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